About WordPress at UMassD

Welcome to UMass Dartmouth’s WordPress Hosting Service

This service is intended to be used by authorized UMass Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students. Use of this WordPress service and its contents are governed by the UMass Dartmouth IT Policies.

What are WordPress Sites and Blogs?

Why Use a WordPress Site?

WordPress sites can be used for a wide range of purposes. Some of the most common uses are:

  • Publishing or journalism
  • Blogging
  • Supplementing online course sites
  • Collaboration with colleagues or peers
  • Department or organization website
  • Communicating up-to-date news items
  • Sharing of documents, resources, and media
  • Topical discussions
  • Just to have fun and be creative

 Who is Eligible to Create a WordPress Site at UMass Dartmouth?

In order to create a UMass Dartmouth WordPress site, you must be a UMass Dartmouth faculty, staff member, or student with a valid UMassD username and password. Before creating your WordPress site, please read through the Things to Know section to learn more about guidelines for titling your WordPress site, privacy settings, and WordPress site owner’s responsibilities.

Who Are You?

studentStudents use WordPress for personal blogging or to journal electronically, to host and showcase projects, to conduct peer reviews or collaborative writing, and to communicate on behalf of clubs and student activities boards.

female-teacherInstructors can use WordPress for class blog projects, collaborative writing assignments, or as a means for simplified publishing presented using the website features.

meetingDepartments & Organizations record meeting minutes, collaboratively work on projects, or to communicate goals and accomplishments. WordPress is also handy as a means of marketing upcoming events and offerings.