Working in WordPress

For help with basic actions such as creating a site, choosing a theme, and adding users, please take a minute to view our guide on Creating a WordPress Site.

For additional assistance with modifying your site’s theme, adding pages, or inserting media, please use the Help button located in the upper right-hand corner of your WordPress dashboard to access embedded documentation on nearly every features WordPress has to offer.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Page and a Post?

A Post is a message entry that appears in reverse-chronological order on a site’s homepage. Posts can also be categorized for streamlined referencing. A Page is static and not listed according to date, and does not use tags or categories. A site menu is comprised of pages.

What are the different user roles? 


Can I export my WordPress site?

Yes, exporting is used when a user wants to upload their site onto an external hosting site (e.g.,

How to Export:

  1. Visit the site’s Dashboard.
  2. Click Tools>Export.
  3. Click Download Export File.
  4. From the pop-up window, set program to XML Editor (default) OR select Save File (if you would like to save it instead.)
  5. Click OK.

Note: If you choose to open the file, a new browser window will open with your blog code. The code can then be loaded into the external hosting site of your choice.

Additional Support

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact us via our online IT Help form or at 508-999-8900.